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Pollination Services

We are EXCITED to offer the agricultural community pollination services.  We keep all of our bees in 8 frame, double deep equipment, and our bees are over wintered in NC, ensuring that they are monster colonies when we bring them back to WI each spring.

Please fill out the contact form on this page below for detailed pricing on agricultural pollenation.

Beekeeper with Bees

Crop Pollination Request

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Bee Keeping Course

We offer an exciting opportunity to learn bee keeping in one of two ways:

1.  We start with our intro course, offered in May of each year as the season is starting. 

That course is followed up with a season of field work.  With both our and your own hives in your backyard.  We encourage our students to start with two hives, and we bring in 3-4 of our hives for a total of 5 hives at your home or farm.  Seeing multiple hives  at the same time over a year gives a beginning bee keeper  an opportunity to learn more throughout the season and to troubleshoot problems they might not otherwise see.  We'll be with you the whole way, helping you along as we work the bees together.  This is typically done on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon unless the conditions warrant week day intervention (sometimes drought, cold, or other weather makes us work with the bees more).  We have VERY limited slots each season for this.

2.  Tending your hives alongside ours.  We'll take your hive into our bee yards and offer you the opportunity to see LOTS of hives opened.  This is a fantastic experience for a new bee keeper, as you'll get to experience most everything that we do.  This will also introduce you to commercial beekeeping on a small scale.  

We offer all of our students the opportunity to use our extraction equipment in the first year as a part of their course fee.  

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