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About Us

Made by the bees for each of us.

The Waterford Bee Co. is dedicated to creating quality products to improve the lives of our customers and support the health and vitality of our pollinators and their habitat.

Our bees provide wild flower honey and wax to help us create all of our products. We are known for our Lip Balms, Creamed Honey, Hand Salves, and Christmas Jam.  

Our first Product:
Creamed Honey

What to do with all our Honey?

We wanted to produce a honey product that wouldn't be as messy for kids to eat, wouldn't get hard in the jar on our cold Wisconsin Winters, and would work better as a spread - and CREAMED HONEY was our answer!  Starting with a seed crystal, our Creamed Honey is made through a natural crystalization process that turns "runny honey" into a wonderfully sweet spread similar in consistency to creamy smooth Peanut Butter

The Beekeepers

Calvin Keating

Sales and Markets, Trainee

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Our Retail Partners

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BBQ Supply Company
Uptown Pharmacy and Wellness
Chi Trees & Oils
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Rustic Barrel
The Orchard Store at Old Homestead
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Market Wagon
Pine Acres General Store
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Wild Hunny Botique
Meyer Family Farms
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