About Us

Made by the bees for each of us.

The Waterford Bee Co. is dedicated to creating quality products to improve the lives of our customers and support the health and vitality of our pollinators and their habitat.

Each of our hand crafted products is made in Waterford, Wisconsin. Our bees provide wild flower honey and wax to help us create all of our products. Our all-natural ingredients are sourced from suppliers across the United States and North America.

Beekeeper at Work

Our Story

Three guys walk into a bar......

Waterford Bee Company started when three Waterford area beekepers  met at Waterford Stillhouse and decided that Waterford needed to BEE self sufficient.  70% of the honey consumed in America is imported.  Many of the big name bee company products are imported as well.  Not that we're against importing things, we just felt that now, maybe more than ever, America needs to stand on it's own feet and make the things that we use here.....here.

So, we started a company that supports beekeepers in growing local production of  American Honey with American Bees, and we manufacture all of our fantastic products right here, in America, the place we all call home.

The Beekeepers

Calvin Keating

Sales and Markets, Trainee

Our Retail Partners

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