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honey, Tea and Coffee

american made  - Waterford, Wisconsin

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Herbal Tea
American's only native caffine producing  plant - yaupon tea

Yaupon, similar to the more-widely-known, and related yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), has roughly more caffeine than black tea but less than coffee.  Few Americans realize that they could be drinking a beverage containing caffeine that is grown locally, or even in their backyards!

Native Americans called their dark, caffeinated brew the “white drink,” because it symbolized happiness, friendship, community, and purity. As you sit and sip your own cup of yaupon tea, remember that they first shared it with colonists in a gesture of hospitality – a warm welcome to the New World.  You may also see references to yaupon tea being called “black drink.” Interestingly, colonists called it this because of the color.              WE HOPE YOU'LL TRY IT!

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